Decorating for fall can be an easy transition when you add to your existing decor.

I started with a trip to my local pumpkin farm, Flat Rack Farms in Garner, Iowa, to get pumpkins and gourds. I like using real pumpkins because I don’t have to store them! I take them to the pumpkin pile when I’m done with them.

To make real pumpkins look even better, I add faux floral picks to the groupings. They’re easy to store and add a lot of texture.

The Dining Room Table

To be totally honest, we don’t use our dining room table a ton but we walk by it constantly. It’s a place I like to change out with the seasons. I used white pumpkins, a gourd, floral picks and changed out a bit of the filler in my lanterns. Adding a throw to your table is all the rage. This one is from Pottery Barn but I’d look at TJ Maxx if you want a cheaper version.

The Coffee Table

This was super easy – add pumpkins and done! My base is a large white bowl, a banana leaf place mat and a rug. The rug was the perfect size for my coffee table and I found it at a local store, Lake Lifestyle in Clear Lake, Iowa. It’s okay to use a rug on your coffee table! Think outside the box and use things like rugs and placements how you’re “not supposed to.”

The fireplace

My birch branches stay out all year and I keep them in a metal container. Having solid pieces in place makes it easy to add and take away things as seasons change. I found these fall branches at Homemakers in Des Moines for about $6. It’s a great place to pick up accessories at reasonable prices!

Start with good base pieces and make simple swaps for the seasons. Don’t stress – have fun!

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