The holidays are HERE! It’s so easy to get stressed this time of year – but don’t! The people in your life want to be around you because you’re fun to hang out with and they like you.

But, I get it, the food and presents can add a layer that can be stressful at times. I’ve put together a couple ideas if you are in need of last-minute ideas.

Your Favorite Things: I’ve done gifts this year that are “my favorite things.” I know, I’m not as cool as Oprah but this is a really easy way for anyone to shop! Think about what you love, give it to somebody on your list and then when they open it, tell them why you love yours so much. Think about something you love, someone you have left to shop for and click “purchase.” Done!

These appetizer tongs are one of my favorite kitchen gadgets and I use them constantly. Think about what you love – give it as a gift! The notepad and towel are from TJ Maxx.

Potholders: I know, this sounds weird. But, potholders are not something people routinely buy themselves. Think about yours – are they kinda gross? Mine are! Go to a local kitchen store or find some unique, quality ones online. These are great for secret Santa exchanges or when you’re just not sure what to get someone.

I found these potholders at Ralphene’s in Clear Lake, Iowa. Check a local kitchen store for nice potholders or everyone’s favorite, Amazon, probably has some too!

Kitchen Towels: I love buying these at local shops and keeping them on hand for gifts anytime of year. Christmas is especially fun because you can buy people holiday-themed ones. Again, not something you’d buy yourself – it’s okay to have nice towels! Crate and Barrel is also a great place to order if you’re shopping online. And TJ Maxx usually comes thorough in the kitchen towel department as well!

How adorable is this bike stuff? I have friends and family that bike. Fun towels are something that is always appreciated and means the recipient can toss those old, gross towels in to the rag bin!

TJ Maxx: This place is your friend right now. Inexpensive little things to add to a gift or create a small gift for someone. Notepads, fun gadgets, scarves, wrapped soaps – all great gifts you can find at TJ!

Now, slow down – and enjoy the time you have with family and friends over the next few weeks!

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