Northern Iowa can feel like a frozen tundra! We got more snow and I realized, we’ve got a few more months of this cold stuff left. Embracing is a strong word but enjoying the cozy is the goal.

One way to do that is add faux fur here or there. Order different-sized pieces online or check out places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods or At Home. Now is also a really great time to get those furry throws on sale at places like Pottery Barn. If you really have it together, you can buy the super-nice Pottery Barn throws when they go on sale and use them for gifts next Christmas!

I also swap out my linen pillow covers for velour ones in the winter. I do spend a little more on my decorative pillows and then mix cheaper plain pillows in different textures with them. Mixing higher-end and cheap together helps the overall room look great – and still do it on the cheap! Your eye goes to those patterned, more expensive ones anyway. The cheaper ones are more of a backdrop.

Another thing we did this year is leave our Christmas tree up – and yes, it’s real! It was still taking water so we took off all the ornaments and just left the clear lights on. This was my husband’s idea (maybe he just didn’t want to mess with getting it out of the house?). But, either way, it was a good idea. The lights are cozy at night and having something like this in the room brings in nature.

I’ll also leave out my white birch branches and snowmen a little longer this year, too. It’s winter, might as well embrace it until we start seeing the first signs of spring!

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