Are you getting itchy with your home decor? I am! Christmas is over, a snowstorm is brewing and you’re feeling like a refresh. I have a few inexpensive ideas for you! I’ve always loved texture and lots of different patterns for decorating. Wherever I see places I can do that, I do. 


Pillows can add drama and texture to a room. I went to TJ Maxx not looking for a thing (please tell me you wander around TJ Maxx from time to time, too?). I found some awesome pillows! I’m really liking the large body pillow size for a punch of style for as little as 24.99. I decorate with different blue hues in my home so I find if I just stick to blue I can really mix patterns.  Doing that allows for more than one place for a new pillow or wall art. That’s a bonus! I found this one on the TJ Maxx website to give you an idea of something similar to what I found in store.

Frame Fabrics

Another fun, easy and cheap way to add interest is to frame fabrics.  Yes, it sounds weird but I like the idea! Try this in any room of your house or even in your office/cube at work. Hobby Lobby or places that carry upholstery fabrics is where I go to find all kinds of patterns and textures. The upholstery fabric is usually heavier and looks nicer in a frame. Pop in to Target, grab a matted from and, voila! I like to use square frames on a project like this because it looks a little more high-end and custom for around $20 to $30 depending on the fabric and frame you choose.

One of my framed fabric decor additions – it looks great with the square architectural piece I already had. I ended up hanging these above my kitchen cabinets.

Rug Swap

Rugs – you either love them, hate them or are totally overwhelmed – don’t be! Think about adding pattern in colors that are already in your home for a pop that’s coordinated. I am liking Rugs USA because their pricing is great (get on their text list for special alerts!). And, I like that you can search by size, shape, etc. to help narrow your options. If you’re looking for something to amp up or change out your decor, I bet you can find it there!

So, before the next storm hits gather some pillows, frames and fabric (maybe a rug) and have fun!

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