I like to make friends and family feel at home when they visit – and a comfortable bed and sheets are an important part of that! Here are the three tried-and-true brands I like to use.


Target has pretty darn good sheets if you’re willing to buy their more expensive brands.  They have great colors and have a nice sheen. After a weekend visit my sister-in-law called and wondered where I got those sheets – Target! 

Garnet Hill

I love Garnet Hill sheets. They’re comfortable but I adore the patterns! They also have great shower curtains with matching patterns and introduce new patterns every season.  I usually try to get these on sale as they are a bit more expensive.

Mike Lindell – The My Pillow guy!

Mike Lindell seems like an old friend because he’s on TV all. the. time. Well, he got me! I ordered a set of those Giza Dream Sheets from My Pillow. They’re great and I appreciate they’re made in the United States. They say the sheets are “cooler” – which is great for us old ladies. I am not sure they’re any cooler but they’re really cozy! They also come in quite a few colors.

So rethink your accommodations, are your beds and sheets updated, is it a bed you’d be ok sleeping in a night or two?  Guest rooms, spare rooms aren’t always the rooms that get the most attention, but if you enjoy having over night guests it may be a good time of the year to work on those rooms, even a fresh coat of paint.  I try to work on these things during the winter so when summer comes I’m ready!

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