The cabin was looking great – it was almost ready to go. And, then? We (okay, my husband) started looking at the bathroom’s shower a little more in depth.

I came in one day and he had the bathroom all torn apart. He was standing in the shower telling me it how needed to come out. Meanwhile…his torch was in the kitchen and he was set to go!

I was frustrated beyond belief that he thought it was a good idea to take out the shower when I had everything looking nice! But, he was right (and I do hate that sometimes).

It’s an old cabin that had kind of a makeshift tub/shower combo. You had to step up and over to get in to it. We thought that could be a hazard for guests. So, away he went cutting it out (while I put ALL the pretty stuff away so it didn’t get dusty). We decided it didn’t really need a tub and opted for a shower with a sliding-glass door.

The bathroom ended up looking so much bigger! We did decide to paint the original car siding in the bathroom to give it a fresher look – we kept it in the main living area because it’s pretty rare to see it these days.

Remodeling always comes with challenges – especially when you do some DIY and some hired work. We are lucky to have an awesome carpenter that we can call when things are outside our skillset. He was able to clean up the area under the water heater by hiding the mechanical components and also add a little shelf next to the sink.

As we worked through this, we decided taking out the shower was worth it. It not only looks better but our guests will enjoy it more.

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