We’ve been working on a cabin remodel and I am excited to share it with you! I’ll start with the kitchen and living room.

We could have painted the existing cabinets but we felt the space needed a complete refresh and more storage. We opted for navy and white cabinets for a little contrast and an overall “lake” feel. I know, buying cabinets in such a bold color can be scary! But it works in this space. The lack of storage in the cabin was also an issue but we were able to build in more by replacing the cabinets.

We added an island. Even in this small space, it did a couple things for us. First, it added more storage. Second, it’s a place to gather and third, it doubles as a workstation (Clear Lake’s fiber optics make it easy to work from anywhere). With lake view, this space turned out to be useful and enjoyable at the same time.

The cabin originally had an open floor plan which was great. But, it was missing something, so we added a small wall straight on the kitchen side and angled it on the living room side.  This allowed for an electric fireplace on living room side and now you don’t have to feel like the refrigerator is in the living room. We did this part ourselves but relied on a very experienced carpenter to trim it out.

I stayed with the navy and other shades of blue with pops of color as I started decorating, and this theme is carried throughout.  Trying to be somewhat practical, I bought a new sofa bed with basic cleanable fabric.

We also left the floor and the original “car siding.” I considered painting it but, after talking with people who know the area, they said “NO!” There isn’t a lot of this original stuff left in cabins around the area so we decided to keep it. We painted the ceiling and added new lighting. All of those elements plus the decor made the wood really look good.

Staying with a lake theme, bright sailboat art and a unique yet durable rug with a compass design pulled it together.   Again, with little storage I added lots of decorative hooks at the front door and everywhere else! I love hooks! A mirror in every room with an attractive reflection adds a little depth, décor and usefulness.

Turning this cabin into a little home away from home I really tried to think of everything someone might want in a weekend or weekly rental.  A Keurig, tea pot, toaster, all the utensils you’d have in your own kitchen, an iron, portable ironing board, beach towels, etc.

When you open the door to this small little treasure, there’s a sense of calm by keeping the color and theme cohesive.

Our hope for Hill Street Escape are fond memories by all who stay! Watch for the bedroom post coming soon!

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