When we entertain family and friends in our home, I put some thought in to the things I like to have in my own bedroom. Comfortable sheets, extra pillows and blankets, a lamp, mirror, hooks, a jewelry dish – things like that. I took the same approach with our Hill Street Escape cabin bedroom.

Carrying navy, white and the lake theme in to the bedroom was the easy part!


I struggled with what to put on the windows. After searching and searching, I just designed my own using two shower curtains from Target. I saw them and thought, “Wow, I love the fabric and the fringe trim at the bottom. Too bad I don’t need a shower curtain.”

Lightbulb! They were just what I wanted to add some charm without being too frilly. I connected with a local seamstress who is amazing. I explained my crazy idea and she nailed it!


Another thing that adds some character is the headboard. It’s actually an outdoor trellis that we took down when we bought the cabin. My husband wanted to toss it but I held on to it – just thinking it was kind of cool and we might have a use for it.

The next challenge? How do we add a washer and dryer in this little place – and do we even need one? We decided to go for it given it might be an amenity if someone wants to stay for an extended period of time.

Turning the Closet in to a Laundry Room

It’s not ideal having a laundry room in the bedroom but we figured out a creative solution tapping our carpenter friend to build it out. It’s basically an insert for the closet with shelves, baskets, washer and dryer. I told him what we were thinking and boom! The space turned out useful and attractive – a great idea for a closet that wasn’t going to give us a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.

It’s so cozy, I kind of want to move it!

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