Recently, a friend asked me to help her with a little decorating and my immediate response was “sure!!” Listening and understanding the spaces she wanted help with, I realized that this was a girl who knew what she wanted. She just needed a little help cultivating her style needs and finding the right pieces to make her house feel more like what she wanted

Being a young, full-time working mom with two small kids, finding the time was her challenge when it came to decorating her home. I was able to help her sift through online options for rugs, curtains, desks, etc – narrowing options down for her from endless to five or so in each category that would fit her style.

Helping her find options was a big timesaver for her and it helped me better understand her style. Now, she could look at the options and order what she likes whenever she wants to. Things like curtains and rugs can always be added to a home to soften spaces and add a pop of color or pattern.

We Started With the Bathroom

When you have kids, pictures of them can add fun to your decor and make a house a home. A blank canvas in the kids’ bathroom was a place she wanted to use pictures of her kids taking a bath, – I just love that idea!

I went to work finding some inexpensive, large square frames that really gave the pictures she wanted to use a custom, high-end look. Her bathroom had black and white tile. Black frames with a thick mat added style to the area.

The little “wash your hands” sign (such a good reminder always and especially right now!) is super cute in any bathroom. Now, she just has to add rugs and towels. Given the bathroom is black and white, she can really add any accent color she’d like or keep with the black and white for a classic look. Personally, I like to have a few styles of towels on hand to change it up now and then.

Her home is beautiful and has tons of character (her family is the same way – adorable!). I had so much fun working with her and more decorating ideas from her home will be coming your way!

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