Turning Old into New

After dividing and conquering, keeping the best and getting rid of the rest – there were still more than a few treasures left in my parents’ house. If I was drawn to it and remembered it from my childhood, I kept it. In my mind, the things I kept needed to serve a purpose. So, I made these pieces fit my style and gave them some purpose!

The Oak Buffet

First was their old oak buffet. My whole family was drawn to this insanely heavy piece of furniture. We ended up moving the thing three times. I tried it – didn’t work for me. Our daughter loved it and so wanted it to work in her home – but it didn’t. The coveted buffet finally landed in our son’s home.

It was really a family collaboration of ideas and it ended up becoming a bar (I don’t think his grandparents would mind!). But, it serves a purpose in his kitchen. We changed the hardware and filled it with liquor, koozies, bottle openers and wine stoppers. Above it, we hung a flag from my husband’s grandfather. I helped my son pick out the blue paint color that this all would sit on and it really works well in his home.

A Sewing Spool Shelf

The next piece was an interesting, super-old shelf made out of old wooden sewing spools. Yes, that’s right, spools. I had no idea what I was going to do with this thing or where it was going to go, I just thought it was kind of cool. So, I kept it.

Turns out, it fit perfectly in the landing of our stairs. I’m not a person to have “shrines” around the house but I do like a few of my favorite pictures sitting around. This goes along with my philosophy of keeping the best and getting rid of the rest. The shelf is a great spot for my favorite picture of my dad. It’s of him fishing and I have a few of his old reels sitting near it. My grandsons didn’t get the chance to know him but every time they go down the stairs, they see his big smile and the big fish. Now, they know “grandpa Dale” as “the fish guy.” I have a picture of my mom in a round frame. Our kids like seeing these little pictures around of their grandparents, too.

For the bottom of the shelf, I found some metal baskets online that were just the right size and are a great place to store favorite family photos.

Keep the Best and Repurpose It

Whenever you find yourself dividing and conquering, keep the best and don’t be afraid to repurpose some of those family heirlooms to fit your style. Thinking creatively about a piece can turn old into new and add unique pieces to your home you just won’t find anywhere else.

If you have a piece you’r struggling with and need ideas on how to work it in to your decor, reach out (blauterbach63@gmail.com) – I love a good challenge!

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