I have a husband, two sons, a son-in-law and two grandsons – lots of guys in my life when it comes to gift giving! Sometimes, it can be tough to get guy gifts that they’re actually excited about. I tend to buy things that I know they’d never buy themselves (nice underwear, nice socks), useful things and if I can think of them, fun things.

Here’s eight guy gift ideas if you’re in need of some ideas this holiday season.

1. Golf Mat – This Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat is a great idea for a golfer of any level. Plus, golf is one of the few sports people have been able to play this year. This mat has a high Amazon rating.

2. Saxx Boxer Briefs – Hear me out on this. I know it could be weird to still buy your grown sons underwear and maybe even weirder to buy your son-in-law these. But, they all really like them. None of them know how much they cost and if they did, there’s no way they’d buy them for themselves. That’s why they make a good gift!

3. Bombas – These socks are so comfortable and they’re a give-back item. You buy something, they donate to help the homeless. They come in different styles, fun colors and they have sizes from infant to adult. Right now, they are 20% off with the code “CHEER20.”

4. Black Rifle Coffee – Coffee makes a great gift. The recipient gets to try something new, it’s a useful item and this company makes really good coffee! Plus, the packaging is really cool and it’s a veteran-owned company that gives back to veterans, law enforcement and first responders.

5. Dr. Squatch Soap – The videos sucked me in, they’re hilarious! It’s soap for guys that works with their own body chemistry – like they say, you won’t smell like a department store. And, it’s always nice when the guys in your life don’t stink!

6. Saker Contour Guage – This is a tool that copies weird shapes so you can cut to shape…if that makes sense? It’s good for things like cutting tile and carpet and they say you can also use it on car bodies.

7. Stuff You Should Know  – Based on a popular podcast, Stuff You Should Know also makes a great coffee table book. Instead of scrolling on a phone, having a few coffee table books means you might be more apt to pick that up and thumb through it instead.

8. Prairie Fire Whiskey, Iowa Distilling – This distillery in Cumming, Iowa, has vodka, bourbon, moonshine and more. Some of the guys in my life like Fireball for their winter bike rides and tailgates. Taking it a step up and keeping it local, try Iowa Distilling’s Prairie Fire Whiskey instead! I picked mine up in Ames at Burgie’s Southgate Café location (by Lowe’s).

Need more gift ideas?

A lot of the above ideas make great gifts for the ladies in your lives, too! But, if you need a few more gifts for gals ideas, check out some ideas here.

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